Celebrate Happy Cat Month With Our Hill Top Animal Hospital in Evans, GA

Throughout the month of September, our Evans veterinarian and the entire Hill Top Animal Hospital team celebrate Happy Cat Month. This month-long event, which was started by the CATalyst Council, aims to shed light on the fact that cats are not the withdrawn and aloof creatures many make them out to be. In reality, cats need lots of love and care in order to lead the happy lives they deserve.

All About Celebrating Happy Cat Month

During Happy Cat Month, we believe in educating cat owners on keeping their cats healthy, enriched, and happy in their homes. One of the best ways that you can celebrate Happy Cat Month if you are a cat owner, is to check your pet’s veterinary records and make sure your feline friend is up-to-date on all vaccines and wellness care services. If it’s been more than a year since your cat’s last wellness exam, for example, then you might consider scheduling one with our Evans veterinarian.

Treat Your Pet

On top of making sure your cat’s health and wellness needs are cared for, there are some other things you can do to focus on your cat’s happiness throughout the month of September and beyond. Does your cat have a favorite treat? Perhaps your cat could use a new toy to enrich her life and help her be more active. Above all else, one thing your cat will be sure to appreciate is your love and attention. Spend a few extra minutes each day petting and spending time with your cat. A little bit of effort goes a long way in helping your cat lead a happy and fulfilling life.

Schedule Cat Wellness Services With Our Hill Top Animal Hospital in Evans, GA

To find out more about the many ways you can celebrate Happy Cat Month, or to schedule a wellness appointment with our Evans veterinarian, give our team at Hill Top Animal Hospital a call today. Our office can be reached by phone at (706) 303-4571.