At Hilltop Animal Hospital, we always stress the importance of regular wellness exams for your pet. Wellness exams are designed to keep your pet in good health throughout his or her lifetime – detecting any potential health problems early, when they are easier and more effective to treat. As your veterinarian near Evans GA, we are your resource for pet wellness. Please contact us to learn more about wellness exams, veterinarian hours and more.

What Regular Wellness Exams do for Your Pet

Dogs, cats and other pets need regular veterinary care to stay healthy. We encourage all pet owners to bring their companion animals in to our animal hospital at least once a year for a variety of reasons, including:

Regular Vaccinations

We can advise you on the best vaccinations for your pet and keep your pet’s vaccinations current to help prevent common diseases. As your veterinarian, we keep track of your pet’s vaccination schedule and let you know when it is time to get vaccines updated, so you never have to worry about missing a vaccination.

Owner Education

When you visit us regularly, we can get to know you and your pet while ensuring that you are always in the know about your pet’s health. Regular exams give you the opportunity to ask any questions you have about your pet’s health or behavior. Wellness exams also give us the opportunity to advise you of any changes you can make to improve your pet’s health, such as changes you can make when your pet reaches different life stages.

Early Identification of Health Issues

Many common pet diseases and conditions are best treated earlier rather than later in their development. Much like with humans, it is important to get regular examinations to spot the signs of health issues early on. Once we identify a potential problem, we can give you the best options for treating the problem.

Getting to Know You and Your Pet

As your team of vets near Evans GA, we are passionate about helping your pet live a full, healthy and rewarding life. Part of our work includes developing relationships with our patients and their owners. The long-term relationship we build with you and your pet allows us to give you customized care – focusing on you and your pet’s lifestyles, needs and unique challenges. The best veterinarian care comes from vets that know you and your pet well.

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