Summer Safety Tips From Hill Top Animal Hospital in Evans, GA

Keep your pets safe this summer because the heat can be more than uncomfortable, it can be deadly. At Hill Top Animal Hospital we treat all types of pets in Evans, GA and want to help you keep your pet safe year round. Remember dogs and cats feel the weather just like you do, if you’re too hot or cold they may be too. Certain pests like fleas and ticks can increase in the summer months as well so be sure to ask about parasite prevention when you bring your pet in.

Tips to Beat the Heat and Keep Your Pets Safe

Hydration is the first line of defense against summer heat. Make sure your pet has fresh water during any walks, and make sure there is water left in the yard and around the home. Plan ahead if you are traveling.

Never ever leave your pet in the car without you. It is easy to get distracted when running errands and a parked vehicle can reach deadly temperatures much faster than you think.

Visit your veterinarian if your pet seems to be having trouble catching their breath or shows signs of distress. Pets can have heat strokes like humans do. Dogs enjoy certain icy treats, like peanut butter frozen into doggie ice cream. Some dogs even eat ice plain, try different cold treats on your pet to see what they enjoy. If you don’t allow your pets indoors during temperature extremes consider building a roofed area with water and bushes to block the sun.

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