Our Evans Veterinarian Warns Pet Owners about Foxtails and other Summer Hazards for Pets

When spring arrives most of us can be found outdoors enjoying all of the natural splendor that spring and summer have to offer! While you are out romping around with your four-legged friend, be sure to stay on the lookout for potential hazards for your pet. Encounters with certain plants may require a visit to our Evans, GA veterinarian here at Hill Top Animal Hospital.

Foxtails Can be Extremely Dangerous to Your Dog or Cat

Foxtails are barbed grass-like weeds, whose seed heads can cause irritation if they get caught in your pet’s fur. If they get into their mouth they will start to retch and drool, and if they attach to your pet’s body they may cause your pet to limp, scratch, or swell up.

If your pet starts to sneeze or is itching at their nose it may be a sign that a foxtail cluster has entered their nasal passage. If the foxtail enters your pet’s body, it can cause serious harm, traveling to the brain via the nose or even perforating a lung. If your pet comes into contact with foxtail, it is recommended that the clusters are professionally removed by your veterinarian.

Other Spring and Summertime Dangers for Pets

  • Bee stings – If your pet is bitten near the mouth or neck they will likely require a visit to the vet. Seek emergency attention if they become swollen or have difficulty breathing.
  • Poisonous flowers – Be on the lookout for daffodils, lilies, azaleas, and bluebells. These spring flowers are poisonous to pets and can cause serious harm and even death.
  • Seasonal allergies – Similar to humans, dogs, and cats also suffer from allergies that can cause them discomfort.

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