The travel season beckons, which means it is time to make plans to ensure the safe travels of your pets. Whether you travel by airplane or car, there are a few key ways you can help your pets stay safe on every leg of your trip. Here’s how to approach travelling with your pet for the best outcomes.

Schedule a Check-up

You should have your pet examined by a veterinarian to ensure they can handle the stress of flying or riding in a car across long distances. Your vet will assess your pet’s vital signs and overall health condition to let you know if he or she is safe to travel with you.

Buy a Secure Crate

You can decrease your pet’s risk of crate-related mishaps by selecting a model approved by the United States Department of Agriculture, or USDA. Help acclimate your pet to the crate using positive reinforcement techniques to prevent panic and escape.

Update All ID Tags

In case the unthinkable happens, and your pet gets separated from you, update all your pet’s ID tags and create signs with your current information before you head out. If everything is already current, make sure the writing on the tags and signs are still legible. Take a couple pictures of your pet on your phone before loading him or her up in the crate.

Pack a Travel Kit

Keep a pet travel kit on hand to ensure your pet has everything needed for their care throughout the trip. Include first aid supplies, extra food, treats and comfort items in your travel kit. If you are flying to your destination, clip the small kit on the outside of the crate for your and airline employee use, as needed. Otherwise, simply stick the pack in your car, so it is always available.

Schedule a Vet Appointment Before Your Car or Airplane Travels

If you are getting ready to travel soon, schedule an appointment with your veterinarian at Hill Top Animal Hospital to discuss your pet’s needs. Your pet will receive a comprehensive exam by your veterinarian to confirm they can take the stress of traveling by car or airplane.

Your vet can also provide helpful tips and tricks to make your travels even easier.