The spaying and neutering process can be frightening for you and your pet, you may have concerns about the surgical procedure. Although spay and neuter surgery does have some potential risks, it also offers advantages for your pets.

Improved Health for your Pet

The primary reason vets near Evans GA recommend spaying or neutering a pet relates to the health of the animal. A neutered dog or a spayed pet has a lower risk of certain cancers and health concerns. At an animal hospital, a professional evaluates the risks to your pets and helps reduce the risks through proper treatment. In the case of cancer or the risks to a female pet from pregnancy, going through the surgical procedure addresses the potential challenges and improves their long-term health.

Better Behavior from a Pet

When you discuss veterinarian hours with a professional to set up spay and neuter surgery for a pet, you will see positive changes in relation to the behavior of an animal. A neutered dog has a lower risk of roaming or leaving your yard. Male pets are also less likely to mark territory in your house or behave in an aggressive way when a veterinarian near Evans GA performs the surgical procedure early in a pet’s life.

In the case of female pets, you will not have the risk of complicated behavior during heat. Cat spay services reduce the risk of yowling and urinating in your home in an effort to attract male animals. Dog spay services prevent similar unwanted behaviors in female dogs.

Low Rates of Homelessness in Pets

A vet near Evans GA recommends spaying or neutering pets to reduce the risk of homelessness in other animals. When your pet has kittens or puppies, you will find a home for the animals. That prevents other pets from finding homes and may result in more animals on the streets. In some cases, the kittens or puppies from your pet can also end up homeless.

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Spaying or neutering a pet is a simple way to address concerns about their health and long-term well-being. It limits the risk of certain cancers, unwanted behaviors and even homelessness among dogs and cats. To learn more about spay and neuter surgery from vets near Evans GA or for an appointment, call 706-438-4561 today. We look forward to meeting with you!