Celebrating the holidays means getting together and enjoying special foods, for most people. If you’ve got a dog or a cat, it probably thinks it should join in the feast, especially when all its favorite humans are gathered together. While giving your pet a tiny bite of cooked turkey won’t do any harm, there are lots of human foods that will. At Hill Top Animal Hospital, we see sick animals every year, injured because their owners weren’t aware of the dangers of certain foods. Before you decide to share your goodies with your furry family members, take a look at this list from our vets near Evans, GA.

Veterinarian Talks About Dangerous Human Foods

While dogs and cats have very different metabolisms, there is a wide variety of human foods that they both should avoid. Some of the more dangerous foods are:

  • Xylitol This artificial sweetener can be found in a long list of foods, from chewing gum to hard candy. Even small amounts can cause serious liver damage
  • Turkey bones While turkey breast meat is a healthy occasional treat, poultry bones can be a life-threatening danger. These bones can crack and splinter, leaving sharp spines in your pet’s throat
  • Grapes and raisins These sweet treats might seem healthy, but they’re very dangerous for both dogs and cats
  • Alcohol Sensible pet owners never give their pets alcohol, but pets can be poisoned by accident if a glass is left unguarded where a pet can reach it
  • Avocado If you’re cooking foods with a southwest flavor, this favorite vegetable is one to keep away from your dogs. It contains a substance that all dogs are severely allergic to

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