Animal Pain Awareness Month At Our Hill Top Animal Hospital in Evans, GA

As a pet owner, one of the most frustrating scenarios is when you think your pet is uncomfortable, but you don’t have a way to know for sure. You love your pet, and you would never want them to be in pain. Our Evans veterinarian at Hill Top Animal Hospital is celebrating Animal Pain Awareness Month to help pet owners learn more about how to tell when a pet is in pain, and how to help.

What Is Animal Pain Awareness Month?

Animal Pain Awareness Month was created to help pet owners understand that pets go through pain just like people. Pain can have many different sources. Acute pain can be distressing for both owners and pets and can prompt a visit for treatment. Some pain is more subtle, such as that caused by aging and arthritis.

Who Hosts Animal Pain Awareness Month?

Animal Pain Awareness Month is hosted by the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management or IVAPM. Many veterinary offices also host events for Animal Pain Awareness Month, which can be helpful to pet owners who are unsure of whether they are dealing with a pet in pain.

Why Is Animal Pain Awareness Month Important?

Animal Pain Awareness Month is important because many pet owners are unaware that even when a pet is calm, it’s possible that they are experiencing pain. Regular vet visits and close attention to behavioral changes are key parts of ensuring that pets stay as pain-free as possible. Animal Pain Awareness Month strives to remind pet owners that there are many options, including physical therapy, rehab, and medications, to help pets in pain.

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